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About Us

Cul is an anthropological magazine that is attached to the study Cultural Anthropology and Developmentsociology at the University of Amsterdam. It comes out four times per academic year and we print out 500 to 700 copies per edition. We do this with our talented and creative editorial team, of which all the people have a specific function next to writing articles. Down below you can meet the faces of this year´s Cul editorial team!

For only €15 per year you can get a Cul subscription!



Islay Kilgannon

Editor in Chief

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Islay is a third-year anthropology student and this is her second year with the Cul. She particularly enjoys writing about the body, identity, and anything a little bit strange or gross. She is looking forward to experimenting with visual methods and challenging herself creatively in this editorial year.

Kyriaki Mallioglou

Deputy Editor in Chief

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Professional procrastinator and amateur volleyball player, Kyriaki mixes her enthusiasm for music, politics and anthropology to express her passions. In the third year of her Bachelor, she hopes to add visual compenents to her written and auditory endeavours, ultimately taking her to her final form: a friendly neighbourhood anthropologist.

Lieke van den Belt

Text Editor


This is Lieke's second year at the Cul. Ever since they were a kid, they loved stories: whether it was storytelling, writing or acting them out. They are a third year anthropology student, especially interested in the body and identity. For this year, they would like to enrich their writing craft and explore more hands-on journalism: talking with people, listening to others and diving into depth. 

Isa Kistemaker

Text Editor


Isa is a third year anthropologist who is interested in the body, urban sub-cultures and politics. She loves to write in a personal tone.

Marc Burillo Michó

Text Editor


 Despite being a third-year Anthropology student, Marc has maintained very broad interests when it comes to anthropology: from the construct of shame to comedy and music, he will immediately dive deep into anything he finds slightly unusual or fascinating. Marc’s most recent interests have all been about the contrast between the power of identity vs the power of the state, and he is excited to take that to the next level in the following year, perhaps with a playful twist.

Ines Mittal Gros

Text Editor 

Inés is a second year Anthropology student. She adores going out and doing new and unexpected things with friends. What interests her the most about Anthropology is definitely understanding identity and social relationships (mostly because they’re cool to learn about and understand how they apply to her own life) but most importantly trying to get to the bottom of what makes humans, so interesting to study about?


Emilia Teresa

Multimedia Editor 


Emilia is a third-year anthropology student with a passion for writing, extensive conversations, and the sea. For the cul she will write on sexuality, feminism, emotions, and politics. She is convinced that anthropology should not be limited to academic writing but rather engage in the world through multifaceted outlets, such as poetry (which she loves ;)).

Anna Schodler

Text Editor

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During her Bachelors, Anna mainly focused on political anthropology and social movements. Having finished her Bachelors with a minor in Religion, she is looking forward to combining these interests in a Masters program next year. For now, she enjoys discussing and writing articles for magazines such as the Cul.


Multimedia Editor

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Mark is a second year anthropology student. He likes writing about everyday things in a new way - kind of like philosophising about life.

Miranda Tate

Image Editor 

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Miranda is a third year student. Throughout the year you can expect to see her writing about film, consumerism, her niche art opinions, and even more niche political theory hot-takes.

Evita Belegri

Image Editor 

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Evita is in her second year of anthropology in Amsterdam. Her interests lie in sustainable societies, alternatives to capitalism and the state, human connection with body and nature and existential philosophy: what is it to have a happy life? She is slowly starting to show interest in visual anthropology and how she can connect my studies with documentaries and popular forms of media. 

Rachel Kok

Image Editor 

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Rachel is a second-year bachelor student and she has no idea where she'll be going with anthropology in the future, but she does know that she loves learning about interactions between the human and non-human world, but also religion, subcultures, and lots of other things! She's also super interested in how the discipline of anthropology intersects with art-making and storytelling.

Lingli Crucq

Image Editor

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Lingli is a third year anthropology student. She has interests as broad as her personality - which is to say they are very broad. They include fashion, intersectional identities, environmental issues and politics. To sum up, people's complex behaviours fascinate her. In her free time she likes to do climbing, exploring books and trying to find her spiritual path.

Harriet Smith

Graphic Designer

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Harriet is a 30-year old non-binary illustrator, ceramic artist, gardener and third-year undergraduate anthropology student. They are interested in liberation theory, ethnobotany, queer intersectional ecofeminism, human creativity, care, and 'reality' tv. Their writing explores the politics of structures, relations, and identity. 

Megan Masselink


IMG-2781 (1).jpg

Megan is 19 and a second-year anthropology student.She loves to explore the themes of nature, spirituality and language.

Dima Karara

Web Editor

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Dima is a third-year anthropology student. Despite her general dislike of anthropology as an institution she still has anthropological tendencies and a nagging ethnographic urge. She generally likes to delve into topics related to herself - mostly religion and the middle east. But for the Cul she likes to write about things like pop culture, film, food, and anything she's into that week. 

Siyang Dai

Travel Coordinator

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Siyang is currently a second-year anthropology student exploring the meaning of life. She likes nature, animals, reading, basketball, and everything in this world that create beauty. She loves exploring various topics related to sex (like sex toys and feminism pornography) but also random things based on her life and studies.

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