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About Us

Cul is an anthropological magazine that is attached to the study Cultural Anthropology and Developmentsociology at the University of Amsterdam. It comes out four times per academic year and we print out 500 to 700 copies per edition. We do this with our talented and creative editorial team, of which all the people have a specific function next to writing articles. Down below you can meet the faces of this year´s Cul editorial team!

For only €15 per year you can get a Cul subscription!



Ethan Fenwick

Editor in Chief

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Ethan is a second-year anthropology student. His interests lie at the intersection of literature, art, social theory, and the natural sciences. Expect to see articles that explore their connections.

Inés Mittal Gros

Deputy Editor in Chief

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Inés is a third year Anthropology student. She adores going out and doing new and unexpected things with friends. She is chaotic and a master at being contradictory for fun. She also enjoys drama through reality TV, particularly The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (if you talk to her about it she won't ever stop!). 

Auriel Dirks


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Auriel is a second year anthropology student. Apart from anthropology, he likes creative writing especially to verbalize emotions and has a chronically online obsession with Taylor Swift.

Morrigan Fogarty

Text Editor

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Morrigan Fogarty is concerned with all things dead, undead, dying, and undying. She is a third year anthropology student going into Religious Studies and you can bet every article she touches will have something about heretics, death, the incessant joy of music, or Magic the Gathering cards in it.  She also enjoys cooking.

Alžbeta Szabová

Image Editor


Elizabeth is in her third year of the Bachelor in Anthropology, and her main hobbies include painting flowers, watching long youtube essays, reading, and complaining that she would like to read more. She likes to lie in the dirt and take photos of the tiny flowers in the grass that you can barely see when you walk by, and fill up a notebook with sketches of pigeons. Her primary topics of interest include art, the environment and politics, but she's also interested in learning about almost everything else in the world.

Hugo Bordas

Travel Coordinator


Born and raised in Brazil, Hugo is an anthropology master's student who is interested in politics, linguistics, and social issues. amateur film photographer and bad embroiderer, Hugo wants to explore his writing skills this year

Alex Dieker

Text Editor 

Alex is a second-year anthropology student interested in heterodox economics and global politics who moved to Amsterdam after graduating from a U.S. business school. He's either being goofy or depressingly political...There's no in-between. 


Aleksandra Dudek

Text Editor

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A small-town girl with big dreams, she is on never-ending path of searching for her purpose in life. She loves a challenge and is energised by other people, life experiences, travels and the pursuit of self-discovery. A 2nd year student of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. She is a text editor for CUL magazine interested in global issues, geography and journalism.

Siyang Dai

Image Editor

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I’m Siyang Dai, from Shanghai, China. Currently enjoying the time as being young and dumb, and actively exploring this world. Around of applause and cheers to our lives🥂

Livia Kofler

Graphic Designer

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This is Liv! A second-year Anthropology student with a strong passion for writing, music, café hopping and the Sauna.

In her free time, she consistently tries to find her meaning in life by wanting to do so many things that she ends up not doing any of them. But hey, it’s her first time on this planet. Liv particularly enjoys writing about seemingly meaningless things like toilets, shoelaces, or random everyday observations. But of course, as we are all Anthro people here, everything in life has a meaning. Or does it?

Berit Rojer

Image Editor


Berit is a second year anthropology student.  In her free time she loves to cook, sing, takes photos, watch movies and grab a (more like a few) drinks with friends.  She likes to write about trivial things, with a whimsical personal touch, usually reflecting her hyperfixation of that month. 

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