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The Cul Podcast 'Antropologisch Podium' is run by our multimedia editors Manpreet Brar and Nadine van Rietschoten. In these podcasts, released for every Cul edition, Manpreet and Nadine go into conversation with Cul editors or experts about our Cul themes.  In previous podcasts, we have heard the sounds of anthropology, talked about pigs, dating apps and much more. This and more can be heard on Spotify or on radio mArt!

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Anthropologists @ work

This collaboration with the General Anthropology Association (ABV) and the National Association of Anthropology Students (LaSSA) is a project to show people the many things that can be done with anthropology. On our Instagram, we release Instagram TV's of conversations with anthropologists in the field. Curious what we all end up doing? Take a look



Besides our lovely website content and our amazing physical magazine, we offer loads of updates, engagement opportunities and more on our social media pages! Curious to see what our editorial team is up to? Want to see if there's a guest writer spot for our website? Or want to engage with the magazine professionally? Check out our Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn!

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